I'm Grégory Meis,

Junior Webdeveloper.

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A little story about me

I started being interested in Internet when I was 11. I created my first HTML web page. I was (and still am) passionate to write some code and watching a different thing on the screen.

Time has passed and I didn’t write much code since that moment.

At an important moment of my live, I decided to go back to my first wishes, making websites.

I can easily learn new things in code but my default was my imagination to create beautiful things and I knew that we can’t make good website without a good design. That’s why I started my studies in graphics design (especially for web).

Right now I have good basics knowledge in both specialisations. I can write code to create +/- complex websites and create a good user experience along his visit.

My goal is to learn more and more things and gain more experience !

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